PHire in the Hole History and Mission Statement


HISTORY:  PHire in the Hole was founded by Paul Haughney, a proud local resident of Monroe, CT.  Paul enjoys vegetable gardening and loves to share his seasonal harvest with others. 

Through the years Paul perfected his approach to making what he feels are the most memorable, flavorful, and amazing hot sauces.

MISSION STATEMENT:  Phire in the Hole is dedicated to bringing you the perfect blend of flavor / heat to enhance any dish.  These flavors should not take away from nor overpower the foods you are eating.  Countless hours of testing have been spent to insure the experience you get is a tastebud "joygasm" of pleasure.

While my sauces are the perfect match of flavor and heat, (including ghosts, scorpions and reapers)  for those diehard video making chiliheads, I am willing to make a sauce as hot as you can handle.   

Come taste the "SWEET  Before The HEAT" OR the " Tang Before The BANG!"